No Doubts About Redskins starting Quarterback: Donovan McNabb

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins


Those clever folks at Redskin Park had us convinced they were moving toward a conventional draft season, then they pull off a deal of Danny Snyder proportions. Washington traded two draft picks to Philadelphia for QB Donovan McNabb.

The story broke a few moments ago on and is up on the Washington Redskins web site. That open quarterback competition just got a lot juicier.

The Eagles receive the Redskins’ 2010 second round pick and either a third or fourth round pick in 2011.

McNabb joins Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Colt Brennan and Richard Bartel as quarterback of the team. Three’s only room for one starter and that figures to be McNabb. Campbell has yet to sign his tender offer from the Redskins according to the story on

Good thing this story didn’t break last Thursday. No one would have believed it if it were announced on April 1.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that the Eagles traded McNabb and kept Michael Vick? What do Iggles fans make of that?

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