Brain-teaser: Does a Briggs trade make sense now?

Is this the time to trade for Lance Briggs?

In March and April, Redskinologists everywhere were in mortal fear the Washington Redskins would pull the trigger on Drew Rosenhaus’ Daniel Snyder’s trade offer for Briggs. If the Redskins kept their third round pick, instead of squandering it on T.J. Duckett, Briggs would already be here in a burgundy hat.

The draft is over. Now we know the Redskins never intended to draft a defensive end. Safety LaRon Landry is in the house (when his contract is signed). The Skins drafted two linebackers. So, does going after Briggs make more sense today?

Say the Redskins make the following offer to Chicago (remember it’s hypothetical, I have no inside info): the Redskins’ 2008 second and third round draft picks and a player (Shawn Springs? Lemar Marshall?) to Chicago for Briggs. Note that this trade leaves the Skins 2008 draft position the same as this year — no picks in the second, third and (already traded) fourth round. How does that move strike you?

What if the linebacker set of Washington, Fletcher-Baker, and Briggs made Gregg Williams more comfortable with starting rookie Landry with Sean Taylor from game one. Would you support the trade then?

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Bottom line is that I think this offseason is far from over. ~~ Jason LaCanfora

Have fun, kiddies.

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